• Prevents Choking

  • Prevents Obesity

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion

  • Safe Food Grade Material


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4 out of 5 dogs suffer from eating too fast!

Do you have the kind of dog that just demolishes their food, almost before it even hits their bowl? We know we can't be the only ones.

We have tried training out big woofer to slow down, or even wait until our command before eating his food. But this doesn't stop him from gobbling everything up within seconds.

You would think he would learn to slow down as he always gets bloated and has stomach aches after eating. But no. He even sometimes chokes on his food if there are bigger pieces in his meals, which is scaring for us to say the least!

We needed something that wouldn't be intrusive to us or our dog's life. But something that could slow our bigger fella down just a tad! We finally came up with a solution to this problem and we think its a pretty great one!

eating slower is healthier

We want our beloved dogs to eat healthily. The slow feeding bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding and encourages our dogs to eat at a slower pace. The benefits of this can include reduced bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity. For your pet, you can rest assured that they can rediscover their fun and natural foraging skills with every meal.


The curved obstacles and smooth finish make this bowl simple to rinse clean after use and it's dishwasher safe!


20.2cm base length 

20.2cm base width

4.8cm base height

16.5cm inside bowl diameter

Holds 500ml of food