5 reasons 27,000 users can’t live without the Boredom Busters Pack

Our dogs are highly attached to us (and vice versa!), and leaving your fur pal home alone is never easy. Whether you’re going to work or just popping down to the grocer’s, they’ll pout, skulk around gloomily, and it breaks your heart to see them in the dumps.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate dopamine-inducing kit for both you and your fur friend – the Boredom Busters Pack! Inside, you’ll find three satisfying and charming toys that’ll enrich the lives of both you and your dog while you’re away.

Here’s why so many humans and pups alike love them:

1. Gives your dog DIY dental care

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2. Encourages good eating habits

A contented dog is a dog with healthy gut health! Introducing the Slow Feedz – a colourful platter featuring four plates with grooves to help your fuzzy friend eat slowly and carefully for better digestion, preventing bloating and overeating. Whether it’s pate, biscuits or fruits, the Slow Feedz ensures that your pup won’t wolf everything down in seconds.

3. Rewards your dog with a scent 


Dogs love scents. That’s why they’re always excited when they get a whiff of another dog, a nearby tuna sandwich, or their favourite human. With the Sniffler Mat, you can keep your dog busy for hours. Simply sprinkle some of your dog’s favourite treats within the soft felt layers and let them explore to their heart’s content! 

4. Keeps furniture pristine

Butchered shoes and ripped couches will be a thing of the past, for the Boredom Busters Pack is designed to direct your pups’ boundless energy into safe and healthy toys. This means that instead of pulling down those gorgeous curtains you put up last month – your fur babies will be nose-deep in the Sniffler Mat, or out to get that last drop of peanut butter in the Toothy or Slow Feedz.

5. Leave separation anxiety at the door

Every item provides your fur friend hours of play, stimulation and tasty rewards, so you’ll never leave your home feeling guilty again. Plus, the Boredom Busters Pack costs less than buying each item individually, so you save more too!

Brighten your dog’s world with the Boredom Busters Pack