5 proven ways the Boredom Busters Pack prevents dogs from destroying your home

We all know what a moody dog looks like. They’re restless, destructive and constantly pawing you for attention or treats. And it’s not hard to see why. Even the most domesticated of dogs were once wild animals. They hunt, play rough, and have the energy of a well-fuelled diesel motor.

Ideally, we’d be able to stay home all day to play catch, hand-feed them treats and cuddle every other hour. But like most adults, most of us have little choice but to head to work and leave our furry pals by themselves.

Enter the Boredom Busters pack – it consists of three delightfully curated items that’ll keep your furry friend amused for hours. Here’s how the pack helps:

1. No more destroyed furniture

Have a pup that shreds your shoes, pillows, or even that all-important document pile? Then you need Toothy from the Boredom Busters Pack. It’s a meticulously designed rubber toy with crevices that you can hide kibble, treats and even peanut butter, so your dogs will be at it all day! The best part? They bounce too, so your fur pals are in for a good workout! 

2. Eliminate overeating and tummy upsets

Does your dog inhale his food only to throw up a while later? You’re not alone. We know tons of dogs who wolf down their meals, so we’ve created the Slow Feedz as part of the Boredom Busters Pack. This colourful platter features four plates with grooves to help your fuzzy friend eat slowly and carefully. This aids digestion and prolongs mealtimes – all while keeping them mentally stimulated!

3. Engage your dog’s hyperactive senses

There’s a reason why dogs have over 300 million olfactory receptors (as opposed to humans’ measly 6 million). That’s because dogs sniff more than they see, and get great pleasure from discovering and exploring new scents! So if you have a dog with lots of unbridled energy, simply whip out the Sniffler Mat from the Boredom Pack, sprinkle some of your dog’s favourite treats, and let them go wild!  

4. Curb separation anxiety

It’s tough going to work. Both for you and your dog. His puppy eyes, your guilt for leaving him at home alone – we get it. The perfect solution to this is to procure a toy from the Boredom Busters pack and keep them absorbed while you’re gone so the both of you can feel better about parting ways. Win-win!

5. Enjoy more time to do more things

Every item provides your fur friend hours of play, stimulation and tasty rewards, so you’ll never leave your home feeling guilty again. Plus, the Boredom Busters Pack costs less than buying each item individually, so you save more too!

Chase away the blues with the Boredom Busters Pack today